True Henna

Approximately 90 percent of all products claiming to be henna contain contaminants and chemicals. There is only one company that conducts independent lab testing for purity, resulting in guaranteed natural, chemical-free permanent color. That company is also known as Henna for Hair.  Research indicates that more people develop sensitivities and allergies to oxidative chemical hair dye every day. Ancient Sunrise, a Henna for Hair product does not contain any of the synthetic chemicals or metallic salts common in commercial hair dyes or misleading compound hennas, is proven to be 100 percent pure powdered plant leaves for beautiful hair – even hair resistant to gray.

The founder of Henna for Hair has been involved in the research and science of henna for over 20 years. The result is thick, glossy, healthy hair with color that will not fade. Ancient Sunrise Henna can be tailored to fit most individual’s needs.  Along with pure plant dyes from Ancient Sunrise such as indigo, cassia and amla, colors other then red can be created to provide a truly natural chemical free hair color.

You can enjoy a true henna experience with Ancient Sunrise Henna at My Organic Salon. My Organic Salon in New Smyrna Beach uses hair products that are entirely natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free. The result is not only lustrous, rich, beautiful hair, but a completely healthy salon experience. Call 386-402-4588 or email to schedule your private, completely personalized salon experience at My Organic Salon.