Shear Brilliance

Nature nurtures and rejuvenates us. Hair is especially responsive to the elements of nature. The most beautiful hair is nurtured with products derived directly from nature.

My Organic Salon in New Smyrna Beach uses hair products that are entirely natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free. The result is not only lustrous, rich, beautiful hair, but a completely healthy salon experience.

One remarkable hair care product line used by My Organic Salon is Shear Miracle Organics hair care. All Shear Miracle Organics products are all totally natural, organic hair care products that work holistically to keep your hair in beautiful, pristine shape.

Shear Miracle Organics conditioners soften, add shine, protect and keep hair manageable with only healthy ingredients. They are formulated to be used with Shear Miracle Organics vitamin-packed, protein enhancing, moisturizing shampoos, which cleanse gently and naturally. Hair quickly responds to healthy ingredients. The quality of hair improves, and color lasts longer.

My Organic Salon also carries Shear Miracle Organics products including balancing, detoxifying and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, shampoos and conditioners for smooth hair, healthy scalp, to increase volume and strengthen weak, damaged or thinning hair. Styling products – including hairspray, gel, smooth serum, hair polish, frizz control, texturizing paste, volumizer, curl enhancer, finishing lotion and more – are always alcohol-free and hold style all day. They are great for weddings or other special events, photo shoots or just every day.

My Organic Salon clients enjoy shiny, silky hair with long-lasting color. Call 386-402-4588 or email to schedule your private, completely personalized salon experience at My Organic Salon.