Naturally Better Color

Most hair color products include harsh chemicals that can actually damage hair during the color process – stripping hair of natural beauty and shine. My Organic Salon in New Smyrna Beach doesn’t use products like that. The hair products that are used at My Organic Salon are made from organic products and they are cruelty-free. The result is not only lustrous, rich, beautiful hair, but a completely healthy salon experience.

One of the fabulous color lines used at My Organic Salon is a unique patented color formula called Organic Colour System. It’s the first-ever range of permanent colors made from the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals (and absolutely no ammonia) for a color process that is as natural as possible and which maintains hair’s essential protein and moisture balance. Organic Colour System hair color doesn’t damage hair during the coloring process. On the contrary, it maintains healthy body and shine preventing damage to hair. It is gentle, but effective – even on resistant grey, and because hair responds better to natural ingredients, the result is healthier, more radiant hair with longer lasting color. Organic Colour System offers 64 intermixable colors that produce fiery reds, intense coppers and auburns, rich golds, striking platinums and an incredible range of gorgeous, natural tones.

All My Organic Salon clients enjoy shiny, silky hair with long-lasting color. Call 386-402-4588 or email today to schedule your private, completely personalized salon experience at My Organic Salon.